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Leader Vocal - Booking

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2 chanteurs - 1 Dj - 4 Musicians (depend the event with chorists and strings team if required)

Pays : France

Style : HipHop

Disponibilité : Europe, Amérique du nord, Amérique du sud, Asie, Afrique

Biographie : « LEADER VOCAL » is a group of Rap music created in 1991 by two brothers from the Cape Verde Islands, François and David Furtade. Leader Vocal stands out by becoming very quickly the first large group of Rap / Ragga music in Clermont-Ferrand (FRA) and travels further stages such as "Printemps de Bourges" and various first parts with the company of musicians.

Discographie : 1996 : La prison mentale 1998 : Hosanna 2004 : L'odeur du sang 2007 : L'odeur du sang (Face B) 2016 : Ils préféreraient nous voir morts

Videos :