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Maxime Honore

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The youngest dj/productor in France (official sacem)

Pays : France

Style : House, Techno, Clubbing

Disponibilité : Europe, Amérique du nord, Amérique du sud

Biographie : Maxime HONORE was born on February 18, 1997
Maxime started mixing at the age of 10 years.
First in his room, then gradually over the net before being spotted by DJ Matsa (world champion scratch in the 2000s) who took over and integrated in the school of mix of Avignon, where he was released valedictorian only 14 years, beating even adults.

The Mozart of turntables, quickly becomes resident on Internet radio and begins to occur in the evenings. He became youngest DJ France (SACEM certified) and is already happening throughout France.

Maxime became a producer, remixer, DJ in a few years.

Lately his remix of Calvin Harris Feel So Close is playlisted six weeks in a row in Party Fun on Fun Radio.

A long and successful career draws to him.

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fête de la musique 2013 Paris